• Idea Conceptualization

    Not sure where to start? With years of expertise in video production, Gruvpix knows what makes a successful piece. Let us know who you want to reach and how and we can guide you along the way.

  • Pre-Production

    With an idea in place, what comes next? A lot of planning goes into any successful video production, regardless of scale. Let Gruvpix take care of script development, location scouting and talent hires while you focus on your business.

  • Video Production

    Everything is ready, now the fun begins! With the latest in equipment and technology at our disposal as well as accomplished production staff, we will ensure your vision translates to the screen perfectly.

  • Post-Production

    With all video footage in the can, time for the cutting room. With a combined experience of over 20 years editing video, the final stage in production is where ideas come to life.

Aerial Imaging
With a state-of-the-art drone fleet and Transport Canada certification to operate commercially, we are on the leading edge of aerial filming in Alberta. To learn more about our aerial video services, visit www.albertadronepilots.com.

Production Services
Planning an Alberta based video production but unsure where to look for assistance? With experienced in-house crew and dozens of contacts locally, Gruvpix can provide any level of production support from camera operators to PAs and grips.

Video Brochures
The latest in print technology. Imagine being able to display your corporate or promotional video inside a professionally built print package. Now you can combine the best of both worlds and guarantee your client will press play.

2D Animation Design
With extensive experience in Adobe After Effects and Boris Continuum, we can take existing projects to the next level, or shoot to purpose to create seamless animation and video.

Colour Grading
With the power of DaVinci Resolve, Gruvpix can make any type of video pop, or achieve a consistent look when shooting with multiple camera types.

Photography and Graphic Design
No, we don’t just do video! With experience in graphic design for print and web, as well as ground based photography and retouching, we can provide full marketing solutions in addition to video production.

Looking For Camera Equipment Rental?

Alberta Cine Rentals started as a natural extension of Gruvpix Productions, a boutique production house based in Edmonton, Alberta. As we amassed bigger and better cameras and gear, we saw an opportunity to create a new rental house to service the Province of Alberta. We are the only company offering the ARRI Amira for rent in Edmonton and our rates are competitive with many of the bigger rental houses in Alberta.

View The Alberta Cine Rentals Website


Video Production Pricing

With video, there is no one size fits all pricing model, whether it be cost per minute or flat rate pricing schemes for completed projects. Every project has a different scale and thus requires a different combination of services to achieve the end goal. When considering a new video production, think about who you are trying to reach and how you want to reach them, and then determine a budget you would like to stick to.

With productions ranging in budget from $2,000 to $200,000, Gruvpix can provide any level of service or support reflecting what you want to spend and how you want your video to look.