As means of communication constantly evolve, it has become clear that face-to-face interaction is the ideal method for many industries and institutions. It has never been more important to develop means of communicating remotely, and yet video conferencing technology has lagged due to poor quality of audio and video. While online streaming and conferencing applications have grown in use, it seems that the problem of achieving quality video and audio has not evolved in the same way.

So, we set out to solve that problem.

Using our equipment and expertise, we have developed a turnkey streaming/conferencing solution that can be employed quickly and safely so that you can get the message out clearly.

But how?

With a single operator maintaining social distancing rules, we can make your home or office into a pleasing backdrop for your message, delivering your video feed in full HD resolution with crystal clear audio from professional microphones. We can either record and upload your message within 24 hours, or live stream you through any online application or portal including Zoom, Skype, YouTube and more.

Add a teleprompter to ensure your message is accurate as-written, or customize your backdrop to any colour/pattern you desire. With us, the options are truly limitless.

In times like these, clear communication has never been more important. Contact us to get your message across.